Well here I am trying out yet another creative outlet as if I don’t stress myself out enough by owning a youtube channel. Also I really hope Depeche Mode doesn’t sue me over the site name 😬.

Pretty sunset 🙂

So why on earth have I started a blog? Well those who are closest to me may remember that I created a word document a while ago entitled ’Mia’s bible’ where I essentially just brain dumped funny vines, stories and just random thoughts and made my friends read it. Well now I want to do something similar to that but a bit more organised and with more of a focus on my interests instead of randomly rambling about nothing in particular. So this is me- music, media and madness. I don’t really know what the madness is for I just thought it looked better with 3 words beginning with ’m’ for alliteration purposes. so expect to see my playlists in written form (because my Spotify is my pride and joy) as well as all things tv and film related with a little bit of random thrown in every so often.

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